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Mentor Match links experienced professionals (mentors) with less experienced ones (mentees) or those in a career transition in a collaborative partnership. In this mutually beneficial relationship, the mentor serves as a source of information and a guide who helps the mentee build career momentum and learn to navigate the complexities of the accounting profession.

Maybe you have achieved success in your career, but want to deepen your knowledge in something outside of your specialty. Mentor Match is not an “either or” program, you can be both a mentee and a mentor.

Mentor Match not only benefits mentors, mentees, it benefits the profession and NYSSCPA as a whole. This member benefit develops future leaders, acts as ongoing support throughout careers and continually improves skills.

of mentees and 28% of mentors received a raise – versus only 5% of managers who were not mentors. — Forbes


Mentor Match is a win-win for mentees, mentors, organizations and the accounting profession. It shapes future leaders through continuous learning, professional and personal development and career advancement.

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Benefits to Mentees

Leaders from all walks of life have attributed their success to the guidance and support received from mentors. Mentees become empowered participants in their own career, and also gain:

    • Higher performance and productivity
    • Opportunities for continuous learning
    • Supportive feedback about personal and professional style
    • Helpful analysis of problem solving and decision making strategies
    • Knowledge of emerging industry trends
    • Expanded professional networks
    • Greater career satisfaction
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Benefits to Mentors

Mentoring is more than a gesture of good will; it makes good business sense. It ensures the recruitment and retention of top talent, is a powerful tool for identifying and building strong relationships with future leaders and a proven means of mining the potential of an increasingly diverse workforce. It also ensures that the collective knowledge and rich traditions of an evolving profession are nurtured and passed along. Mentors benefit by developing:

  • A sense of pride in seeing a mentee learn and grow
  • Enhanced coaching skills, cultural competence and communication skills
  • A chance to reflect upon and share career goals, challenges and successes
  • The profound personal satisfaction that comes from being of service to others and “giving back”


Visit the Mentor Match FAQ.

For further information, contact Will Titus, manager of outreach programs, at wtitus@nysscpa.org.

Your Commitment

Mentors and mentees should make a minimum commitment of one hour each month for at least 9 months to fully leverage the benefits of the partnership and the professional development it yields.

Meetings can be in person or via phone, email, text message, zoom or video chat. Mentor Match is an exclusive program for NYSSCPA members.

People who use mentors are more successful than those without mentors, and that's substantiated by academic research. They get more promotions, make more money and have more career and job satisfaction. — Success