Yann Beaullan Thong

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Yann joined MResult in 2018 and now leads their accounting solutions practice - Accsurant. With 20 years experience and six different technology startups behind him, Yann has a proven track record in developing innovative solutions based on his technology and financial acumen.

Yann’s career is complete with many notable accomplishments. Consulting & product development highlights include: A reengineered process for MRI/CAT claims that saved $20 million for a national insurer. An automated “claim scrubbing” system for hospitals to identify underpaid specialty drug claims that netted one client 5 million dollars for their oncology department alone. A redesigned mortgage insurance program that increased revenue by $150 million. Startups & companies founded include: A healthcare technology company offering scored patient screening programs for post-acute care providers to predict patient profitability before admission. A building local exchange carrier that helps commercial building owners increase their income by 20%. The first machine learning translation company in the world automating the translation of email from English to Japanese. And now for MResult, the development of their Accsurant accounting solutions practice.

Yann holds a BA in International Corporate Finance from City University of New York, Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business; a BA in International Marketing from Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Paris; and an MBA in International Logistics/financial  from the Ecole de l’Expertise Comptable et Audit, Paris. Additionally, he attended medical school at La Salle Petriere Paris VI and is a former Certified Financial Planner.