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I use my broad financial knowledge, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and problem-solving abilities to create value for my clients and my employer. I am constantly fine-tuning my work in order to find ways to accomplish tasks and goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Change and being outside of my comfort zone are things I enjoy as they offer the best opportunities to learn and grow; I believe they make life fun.

I am a CPA in commercial auditing currently working for The Bonadio Group, a top 40 public accounting firm nationwide that provides a wide array of accounting services for several for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental clients across the United States. My experience in public accounting has given me the opportunity to perfect my technical knowledge, while establishing meaningful relationships with clients from industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, car dealerships, construction contractors, governmental, and nonprofit organizations. I feel that my experience in public accounting has also greatly strengthened my interpersonal communication ability and time management skills.

Outside of work, I am involved in organizations such as NextGen and the New York State Society of CPAs. Participation in these organizations offers me opportunities to provide volunteer services and assume a leadership role in my profession and community. In my spare time, I like to be outdoors and stay active by playing volleyball and ice hockey. I have played guitar for years and I am obsessed with music and stand-up comedy.

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